Kind words





Absolutely loved working with Cathy and feeding off her creativity!” Pamela Harjo

“I am extremely excited to see what Cathy has in store for me!!! She has an amazing imagination!!! Honored to do a shoot with her” Jo Swigart

“My favorite part was being able to be myself and have fun with the photo shoot! Amazing. Just simply AMAZING!” Brittany Desilets

“Cathy had amazing patience with my one year old daughter. She worked so well with her, Me and my daughter both had a blast. I would recommend her to anybody and will definitely be working with her more! Her passion for photography definitely shows in her work and I couldn’t have been any more pleased. She leaves you feeling with such high confidence! I loved it!” Danielle Johnston

“It was all a truly unique experience, great environment and I loved how willing Cathy was to get the pictures I felt the best in! Loved my session!” Ashley Brown

“The pictures are incredible! Really capture my kids personalities! I loved how easy and laid back the session was. It was great just watching the kids interact with Cathy and I knew some great pictures were in the making! Amazing is all I can say!” Crystal Houts

“I really enjoyed it. I loved that my girl was able to enjoy herself and play not pose. I can’t wait to do an outdoor shoot ” Claudia Walker

“I have never viewed myself as just beautiful. That photo shoot made me feel gorgeous. I loved it, I can’t wait to see the pictures. I want ALL the pictures! I just want to look at them as self esteem boosters for myself. It is awesome to be able to capture the essence of someone or what they want to be.” Grace Ojionuka-McGregor

“Cathy made me feel comfortable and beautiful! She’s one talented woman. Awesomeness! Hands down” Stephanie Lujan

“Cathy did an amazing job at doing video for my photo shoot. It is a very time consuming job and I know all of the hours and hard work that goes into making videos. She was able to capture the fun and the behind the scene of my shoot for me and that’s exactly what I needed. Yes I will use her again!” Farraha Barbre

“A work of art!” Yani Earl

“LOVE my pictures! Cathy made me feel so confident!” Amber Coberley

“Thank you for doing them…i feel so pretty! You ladies where amazing! So looking forward to doing it again!” Kerry Chadwell

“Duuuuude……I love it! Is my favorite shoot EVER so far” Hannah Batgirl

“Very fun and EXCITING!” Sarah Pool

“They made me feel more confident!” Brittany Aguilar

“My favorite part was getting all dressed up!” Jessica Sutton

“My experience was AMAZING. It was a very nice, calming, clean environment. Also, great company! It made me feel like a model. Like I was important and beautiful. Like I was famous! I thought my photos were gorgeous! I could not believe it was me! I can see the beauty in myself that I thought I didn’t have. It is an experience you don’t want to miss!” Beverly Laws

“Super fun! This raised my self confidence towards my body” Brittany Le

“I LOVED my hair/makeup, the flow of the shoot and the freedom to self pose” Destiny Gonzales

“Cathy is a very friendly and relaxed photographer.She makes you feel comfortable and BEAUTIFUL. Whether you have experience modeling or not, she gives easy to follow directions for the perfect photograph.” Chelsea Jitters Day

“Everyone should do this at least once in their life” Meagan Chatley

“I did a shoot with this talented woman, and it was a lot of fun. The pictures look great. So if you’re interested, you should contact her. The photos look AMAZING” Starla Robinson

Absolutely AMAZING, cant wait for the next shoot!” Kristle Riley

“It as so FUN!!!” Brittney Smith

“I enjoyed my shoot and I LOVED my pictures. I enjoyed working with Cathy. She’s very nice and easy to work with. My favorite part of the experience was being able to pose and be in the middle of nature. I thought the final product and service was great. It was FUN to work with Cathy and the pictures came out pretty” Kira Beard

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