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Cathy Nance Studios offers boudoir, contemporary portraiture, lifestyle and wedding photography services. After 30 years of photographing children, food and landscapes as a hobby, Cathy took a workshop with a world renowned portrait artist and went full time with photography and a studio in Old Town Spring Texas. She works with clients to make them comfortable, poses them from head to toe and produces natural images that don’t look cheesy or posed. The look is photojournalism and beauty in a way she calls intimate editorial art.

Located at 218 Noble St. #3 Spring, TX 77373

Carpe Diem …

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10 Things to Know About Me

1. I have had a camera in my hand much the time since I got my first camera in the eighth grade. I have experienced people (my children) sometimes say “oh no” and run because I had already taken what they thought was way too many photos of them.

2. I believe everyone deserves a beautiful photograph of themselves and your children also deserve to see you in photos. We should all exist in photos!  This is probably TMI but sometimes I get goosebumps while taking pictures of my clients. It is because I believe in and am so emotional about what I do. I always hated pictures of myself until I discovered why and was able to correct those things through posing and my bag of tricks. Now I love photos of myself and I can also help you to love your photos as well.

3. I am a wife, mom to three children, and am devoted to my family! My oldest child is handicapped where he receives around the clock care and still lives at home. If I don’t answer the phone right away I am either with a client or taking care of Paul. Over the years it was necessary for me to find a job where I could be flexible enough with my schedule that I could take care of him. Owning a studio has given me the ability to schedule clients by appointment, where I know I can have a nurse come into my home so that I can leave.

4. I was very clumsy growing up, so I spent most of my childhood in the emergency room with broken bones and stiches. I have a high pain tolerance to the point where I fractured my back in a diving accident and didn’t go to the hospital for almost year because we thought I had just bruised it. I know today that if something is bothering me I need to seek treatment haha. You should also know that the comfort I got from the staff at hospitals combined with my love for the smell of alcohol pads led me to my first career in life which was nursing. I see all my clients as patients lol

5. I have a coffee cup in my hand most of the day. When I would get off work at 11pm the only way I could wind down from the day was to put on a pot of coffee. I know its weird! How is it possible to drink coffee and relax but it relaxes me like a warm blanket…lol

6. I love karaoke and sometimes I drink adult beverages while doing it! I will sing almost anything from Metallica to Alanis Morissette. I love getting out of the house and being social! If you ever want to come hang out message me!

7. If you follow me on Facebook you will discover that I am an animal lover and share inspirational memes. Sometimes I share things that get me very emotional so keep scrolling if you need your makeup to stay intact.

8. I am a foodie, so much so, that I did wedding cakes for years and taught cake decorating. I also was even able to get certified as a sous chef through the American Culinary Federation. Yes, I have worn many hats in my life, and am sure you have as well. Most people have a long list of things they have done. I try live every minute of my life boldly, and on purpose! I think it is important to suck the marrow out of life so to speak and because of this I have done many things in my life.

9. I know its weird and yet crazy-cool but I have been going ghost hunting for years with my group Woodlands Paranormal. I have even been featured on several seasons of Animal Planets  show The Haunted, My Ghost Story, as well as local television and as a guest on talk radio shows. I even have a featured page on IMDB. I also go around the country speaking at conventions about the paranormal.

10. My favorite saying is Carpe diem which is Latin for seize the day. Years of working as a nurse as well as my handicapped child have shown me how precious life is and I don’t take it for granted. I know any day my life could change drastically or even end so I want to live as fully as I can in the present. I feel that whatever you dream about doing you can do, if you have enough desire,  determination and persistence. Be bold!  There is a power and magic in being bold.