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Nick and Christine – An Intimate Oklahoma Wedding

An Intimate Oklahoma Wedding

Why not spend the best day of your life exactly the way you want to? In love with each other and having fun! Who says you have to go all the way traditional and invite hundreds of people? Vows, dinner, dancing and a couples session complete with an album of the whole day may be exactly what you want!

I feel safe when I like into his eyes

I honestly don’t wear perfume…… BUT he always compliments my smell

I always see our future

When he first saw me I was going to interview at his job and he said his first thought was “out of my league……”

“There’s this gorgeous girl that could never be into me.”

Nicks old soul feeds me

“His whit and charm, humor, and passion are overwhelming

“I feel it in me. My soul loves his soul! I could never find the perfect words to describe my feelings for him but our souls and hearts are truly connected

The first time I knew I loved her, we were lying on the floor, naked, holding each other and listening to music, it was probably 4 am. And a song came on “James Dean and Audrey hepburn” by Sleeping with sirens, the acoustic version . It asks if he could stay forever, because forever all he needs. And I knew I wanted ask the same thing. All I wanted from her was forever, forever to get to know every inch of her skin, every look in her eyes, every thought she would ever have, and every moment she was alive. That’s what I wanted and that’s still all I want from her. Her forever, that’s all I’ll need…… Nick