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What is A Model Call?

FAQ – What is A Model Call?

I have been busy with personal work lately where I have done several model calls. I have been getting questions about this where I thought it would be good to put all the answers together on my blog to make it easy to understand.

What is ‘model call”?

A model call is where I ask for people to come in and work with me. Sometimes I don’t need you to have modeling experience and sometimes I work with actual models. These types of sessions are done for various reasons including testing new lights, new ways of posing, trying out a new location, portfolio work, for publication (magazine, video, printed ads) or for art sake.

What do I have to do to answer your model call?

Send an email to info@cathynance.com or message me on any of my social media sites and say you would like to be considered for my model call. You will be required to sign a model release before the session. Your session will be then be scheduled. You may be asked to bring pieces from your wardrobe or props. Get plenty of rest and show up on time to our scheduled appointment. The rest is fun!

Does this cost me anything?

When I do a model call I waive my session fee.

Do I get anything?

You get to experience what its like working with me and being a model for a day. It is really fun!

If I am publishing this you get the opportunity to get into a magazine or blog where you can become a “known” model. You get publicly credited as the model. You also get what is called a tear sheet to add to your portfolio if you choose to pursue a modeling career. This adds credibility to your work as a model. You can add “as seen in” xyz magazine to your resume.

Sometimes I will work something from the session and turn it into fine art where they go into a gallery. As a way of thanking my models I have been known to sometimes gift an artists proof where you can display it in your home

Will I be able to see the pictures?

If I am playing with new equipment or for whatever reason I may never use the pictures for anything other than as a learning experience.

If I am publishing the session you will be able to see the photos in whatever publication they go into. After a session it is exciting to think of them being in a magazine. I would like to warn you that it can be time consuming to get published. As an artist I am sitting on thousands of unpublished pieces. It sometimes hurts me to not share them but I cannot share until they are published.

If I am working a piece into fine art you will be able to see the piece in a gallery. Fine art work requires my passion and full creativity. It is a way of me expressing myself as an artist. I need to “feel it” to be able work on it. I don’t put any time limit on this as my fine art is personal work.

I don’t guarantee to work any part of any session into fine art or for any reason. Model calls are for me to stretch my wings and grow as an artist

Can I buy any of the photos?

If I feel the session is within my artistic vision and I have no intention of publishing anything we can set up an appointment to go through the session. You can make a purchase at that time but are under no obligation to buy anything.

Do you work with others or vendors on model calls?

Yes I think collaborative work to create something beautiful is good. It enables everyone to think and play creativity. I have a vision on the direction of my work and can express what I would love for you to do. I love to see how others take my vision and bring it to life.

If you are a hair and makeup artist you get credited for your work in the session just like the model gets credited. I also work with stylists who bring wardrobe and props. If you make clothing or anything that would contribute to my work please feel free to contact me.

If this is for publication we can pull out all the stops. It can be great to see your work on websites, magazines and being promoted by everyone involved with the session. Your patience is required if it is for publication as it may take quite some time before it is shared publicly. These sessions however can just be for fun instead of publication.

Do I get the pictures?

I am under no obligation to share or give any of the photos that I have taken on a model call to anyone for any reason.

I may share my work publicly on my blog or social media sites, I may produce art from the session and I may publish the work. As a photographer I retain the copyright to all my work as my intellectual property. I may allow my work to be shared by if you with my written consent. This would be for limited use on your blog and social media sites with me being credited as the photographer.

I do commercial photography.

If you are looking to do a session with me as a person or business for commercial use you should let me bid on your project. Commercial rights are where a person or business uses the pictures to promote themselves for commercial gain. Advertising of any kind including but not limited to billboard, television, banner ads or printed material falls into commercial photography and the bidding process. This includes actors headshots, model portfolios and other business.